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The Ageless Secret™

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What if it was true? In 1894 Guglielmo Marconi saw an equation predicting that wireless transmission of energy was possible, thought what if it was true and after years of experimentation is credited with inventing Radio.  In 1989 Jim Kaszyk saw one of Einstein’s equations predicted the existence of energies that could slow or reverse aging and therefore might make skin look younger.  Kaszyk thought what if it was true and after 25 years of intense research proved the existence of these energies known as Subtle Energies, by capturing and bottling them in measureable amounts.

Subtle Energy Skin Spray - Its Big news in Palm Springs! The “Health Matters” Video to the left was seen on NBC News Affiliate KMIR TV. They are reporting on our scientific proof of this Vital Energy and that it makes skin look younger. You can also see interviews with long-time clients.

We have been in business since 1989 making and improving these products. It is only recently that we have been able to prove the energy claim.  Until this discovery this type of energy was considered pseudoscience. You can learn more about this Reiki-Like Energy at The idea of an energy field may be hard for some people to understand because we can’t see it, but think about a magnet.  We can’t see the energy from a magnet but we know it is there because of its effect.  We discovered this energy because one of its effects is it makes skin look and behave younger.

It has had great results with our clients.
All of our products are backed with a nothing to return money back guarantee.  You can try our Original Formula or the 7 times more powerful GOLD  Formula! We also have The Ageless Secret Energetic Serum.  It is FIVE products in one: a day cream, night cream, incredible moisturizer, exfoliating serum and under eye serum.  Normally, a product with this many ingredients would feel heavy on skin and would need to be used as a night cream but this energy exclusive to this company makes the product feel light and can be used all day.
Click the Photo Gallery Button below to view un-retouched photos of results from The Ageless Secret GOLD.  Results are from the energy supporting cell renewal. There is no surgery or harsh treatments.

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Click here to view the published ten page scientific report as seen in the peer reviewed journal “Water”

The Ageless Secret