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The Ageless Secret™

Enhance Your Beauty Template… See Ageless Skin!

You can see before and after photos here.  Its Big news in Palm Springs! The “Your Health Matters” Video to the left was seen on NBC News Affiliate KMIR TV. They are reporting on our new technology, which uses Organizing Energy.  It supports your Beauty Template and it makes skin look younger BY EXPANDING WATER WITHIN. You can also see interviews with long-time clients. Aging too fast?  Here are some tips to help you.

All of our products are backed with a nothing to return money back guarantee.  Your skin is mostly water.  Most people don’t have enough water in their skin. The Ageless Secret GOLD expands water. When you deeply hydrate your skin with our Sun Lover’s Mist to make up for the lack of water, and then apply The Ageless Secret GOLD you will immediately see and feel something you have never experienced.

What you will see and feel immediately:  MAGIC!  When you use The Ageless Secret GOLD with Ageless Secret Sun Lovers Mist, the combination produces an amazing cooling effect (due to the increased circulation which brings oxygen and nutrients to your cells).  Look in the mirror and you won’t believe how the expansion of water within also reduced the look of the wrinkles around your eyes.  Notice how the Beautifying Energy gives your skin a youthful glow, like a light coming from within.

Changes you can expect with regular daily use: The longer you use it the better your skin will look.  That’s because the Beautifying Energy does something no other product can.  It supports monthly skin renewal because it ENHANCES YOUR BEAUTY TEMPLATE!

Why it works: Dr. Burr, head of the Life Sciences Department at Yale, proved your body has a 3-D Template that controls how you age and look.  Energy known as Organizing Energy support this 3-D Template.  Only The Ageless Secret has been proven to have Organizing Energy.

Organizing Energy is believed to be moving at very fast speeds.  Speeds that are faster than the speed of light.  When you were born you had an abundance of this special Energy.  As you aged it declined, your Beauty Template weakened and along came sagging skin and wrinkles. All Ageless Secret products contain Organizing Energy.  This energy was predicted by Quantum Physicists who tried without success for over 40 years to capture it because they believed it might slow or reverse aging.  In 2014 a published lab report proved our company had captured and bottled this “Holy Grail” of energies. Until this discovery this type of energy was considered theoretical. You can learn more about this amazing science here and at  Organizing Energy.

About The Ageless Secret GOLD: The Organizing Energy is infused into water, MSM. USDA Certified Organic Aloe and Trace Minerals.  The formula has so much Organizing Energy, lab tests show it can expand water by 0.5%.  The ultimate expansion of water is ice, which expands 9%.  This 0.5% expansion makes The Ageless Secret GOLD safe and effective for a cosmetic.  As far as we know no other product or device has proven it can do this.

It has had great results with our clients.

You can also try our Original Formula or the 7 times more powerful GOLD  Formula! We also have The Ageless Secret Energetic Serum.  It is FIVE products in one: a day cream, night cream, incredible moisturizer, exfoliating serum and under eye serum.  Normally, a product with this many ingredients would feel heavy on skin and would need to be used as a night cream but this energy exclusive to this company makes the product feel light and can be used all day.
Click the Photo Gallery Button below to view un-retouched photos of results from The Ageless Secret GOLD.  Results are from supporting monthly cell renewal. There is no surgery or harsh treatments.

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The Proven New Science: The idea of an energy field may be hard for some people to understand because we can’t see it, but think about a magnet.  We can’t see the energy from a magnet, but we know it is there because of its effect.  We discovered this energy because one of its effects is it CAN EXPAND WATER.  The Organizing Energy was validated and measured in The Ageless Secret Sun Lovers Mist (SLM).  SLM was studied by independent labs because it contains no physical ingredients.  The William A. Tiller Labs studied it for 2 years.  They found SLM had the highly sought after energy and formed micro particle water.  Water that acted like it had tiny particles although tests showed no physical ingredients were present.

SLM also showed a peak at 270 nm, which is the same as the healing waters from Lourdes France.  Plain water does not show a peak.  Both of these test results are huge because, according to our present laws of science it is impossible to create this with just energy.  The landmark report was published March 2014 in the peer reviewed journal, WATER.

The Organizing Energy in The Ageless Secret GOLD is so powerful it can cause water to form micro particles.  It has also been proven to expand water at room temperature, which should be impossible.

The reason these exceptions to our present laws of science happen is because this special energy is unlike any seen before.  For example, with time normally things degenerate, become disorganized and fall apart.  An Organizing Energy could slow or reverse that. That is why the water forms micro particles; it takes an Organizing Energy to do that.  This energy is so powerful it is has the potential to make people look great as they age.  This  Organizing Energy is important for beauty because it supports your 3-D Template, which Dr. Burr from Yale proved exists and controls how you age and look.  We call it a Beautifying Energy because it creates a revitalized look that makes women look like they have “turned back the hands of time”.

Click here to view the published ten page scientific report as seen in the peer reviewed journal “Water”

The Ageless Secret