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Creation: "The act of causing to exist."

The Ageless Secret… Creation Energy in a Bottle!™

A VERY UNIQUE PRODUCT:  We have proven that the Creation Energy, Scientific Name, Subtle Energy,  in our Ageless Secret™ GOLD product CAN EXPAND WATER. As far as we know, no other product, treatment or device has ever done that.  This is important to you because collagen and elastin, like DNA, are helical molecules that are bathed in water. Think of them as tiny springs and when we expand the water within you see superior tightening, plumping and lifting.  This energy also makes water feel more slippery.  It transforms the water within to act like a lubricant.  Think of the water as “oiling up” your tiny collagen and elastin springs, which you see as elastic skin.

Creation Energy,  Subtle Energy declines with age and children have more than adults.   The Ageless Secret™ GOLD Formula…  Creation Energy That Makes You Look Younger!

What is Subtle Energy?  It is an energy that theoretically can slow or reverse aging. (You can learn more about it in the Science Section on this page.)  Until recently this energy was never really understood.  For example, we have shown that it declines with age and children have more than adults. This company, The Ageless Secret, pioneered the research. By proving the Creation (Creation- the act of causing to exist) aspect of this energy Five labs have proven we have a technology that infuses Subtle Energy  into liquids. No other company can make this claim and it allows our products to deliver results never possible before. We have loyal customers who have been purchasing for more than 10 years. Questions?  Contact us.


Revolutionary Products – Results Never Possible Before

The Ageless Secret™ Sun Lovers Mist: For the Bold, the Daring and the Carefree who want to Tan Naked or almost Naked.  Chemical free. Water based. Helps prevent cracking and dehydration of skin from too much sun. Great around eyes and lips.  No taste. Does not burn eyes.


The Ageless Secret™ Formula No. 109: Water, infused with Creation Energy, USDA Certified Organic Aloe, MSM and Trace Minerals create a beautifying energy mist. Hydrates, and revitalizes skin. When it dries feels like a lotion. Use all over face and body. Feels cool and takes away razor burn. Safe skin care for tight budgets.


The Ageless Secret™ GOLD Formula: Immediately Feels Amazing and Works with Time!  Expands water within to Lift, plump and  tighten skin and give it a youthful glow.  Because it supports your 28 Day FACIAL RENEWAL CYCLE, results get better with every bottle. Water, infused with Water Expanding, Creation Energy, MSM, USDA certified organic aloe, Trace Minerals, and trace amounts of Niacin, Ho Shou Wu, Capsacium, and Helichrysum Italicum . The GOLD Formula is our highest potency product. It has so much Subtle Energy it does something that has never been seen before… it e-x-p-a-n-d-s water. When applied to skin the expansion of water in your skin, (your skin has a lot of water) produces a youthful look that no other product can.


The Ageless Secret™ Original Formula: Same formula as the GOLD but not as potent. Recommended for ladies under the age of 40 or on a tight budget.


The Ageless Secret™ Energetic Anti-aging Skin Serum: With AMP.  Amplified Multiple Peptides! 20+ ingredients that are great for skin, like Vitamin A, C, E, CoQ10, organic aloe, and hyaluronic acid. Every ingredient has been Subtle Energy Infused to make them more powerful than any found in any other product. This unique technology allows it to be 5 products in one… a day cream, night cream, moisturizer, exfoliant and an under eye serum!



The Proven New Great Science:

Is this New Energy the secret to be Forever Young?

 5 laboratories have proven a new energy has been discovered.  No it won’t heat your home or run your car. This new energy, like life energy, is an organizing energy!  Only one company, The Ageless Secret Company, has invented a machine that can infuse it into water. When it is applied to skin it energizes skin supporting renewal and it hydrates skin because the energy changes water to a form that wets out skin from the outside and the inside at the same time. This is revolutionary and has never been seen before. This combination of energizing and hydrating the skin at the same time makes skin look younger, smoother, tighter and plumper with a beautiful healthy glow.

Also because it is an organizing energy it does something else that is amazing. It causes water to form micro particles and it expands water.  If one adds  2-oz of energy infused liquid to 2-oz of water they don’t get 4-oz.  They get more!  Lab tests prove the expansion is 0.5%, which makes it safe to use as a cosmetic to expand the water in your skin resulting in the ultimate natural filler; the water in your own skin.

This energy was proven to exist independent of life, but when applied to the face, measurements at the hands show it  flows throughout the entire body through acupuncture energy channels like life force energy does. (For Summary of Report Contact Us) This allows for the support of renewal cycles and provides an amazing unique benefit.  Results get better with time.

For example, tagged radio isotope studies done at Oak Ridge National Laboratories during the 1950’s revealed the following renewal cycles:

  • Every 24 hours we get new skin on our hands.
  • Every 28 days we get new facial skin.
  • Every 6 months there is a complete turnover. Not one atom or molecule that is there now on the face will be there in 6 months.
  • In one year 98% of the atoms in a person are replaced. They will all be new!

We all know we look older with age.  So, how can this be true?  The reason is these systems seem to work well up until the age of 35, then there is a gradual decline and no one knows why.  However, Dr. Harold Saxton Burr, head of Life Sciences Department at Yale, felt his research could be the missing answer.  He did 20 years of research studying the energy field around people and plants proving that the field was a “3-D Organizing Blueprint” critical for proper growth and development. He believed that if a way could be found to support the field these renewal cycles would perform perpetually at the level as when we were young.  In 1972 he was so sure this was the secret to be Forever Young he published his research in a book he titled: Blueprint for Immortality.

Remarkably, this new energy, like life force energy, is supposed to be moving very fast.  Most scientists would say that it is impossible for something to move faster than the speed of light and if it were proven to be true it is the equivalent of punching science in the stomach and throwing it down the stairs because then everything else about our laws of physics is wrong. However, there is a saving grace that allows for both possibilities to be true… Things cannot move faster than the speed of light and things can move faster than the speed of light.  That is because according to Einstein, the Organizing, Faster than Light Energy is not part of this dimension. It comes from another dimension and only when it interacts with this dimension can its effects be seen.  Because we proved the energy exists, we have indirect proof of the existence of another dimension. While that is a huge discovery for science and there is more about that later, it also allows us to understand ourselves better.   In the non living, the energy and the laws of science are the ones science has come to know.  There is no organizing energy and nothing moves faster than the speed of light. Things do not renew and they become disorganized and fall apart with time.  The living, however, does renew.  Why? The atoms are the same for the living and the non-living.  What is different?  The answer seems to be that the living is capable of bringing in an Organizing Energy from the other dimension, which acts against disorganization.  Youthful skin glows and it has a special beauty thanks to Organizing Energy.

This energy was discovered based on Einstein’s predictions, such as, “the more something nears the speed of the light the more time slows.  Theoretically, if something is moving faster than light, time could reverse.”  This time reversal effect is seen in life as allowing it to renew, which requires an Organizing Energy, so they are two sides of the same coin.

The idea of an energy field may be hard for some people to understand because we can’t see it, but think about a magnet or a TV remote.  We can’t see the energy from a magnet or a TV remote, but we know it is there because of its effect.  Years ago, we proved we had captured this age reversing, organizing energy  by discovering it CAN EXPAND WATER.  To expand water without it getting hot means the structure of the water changed.  Showing a change to the structure of water is one of the important attributes of Subtle Energy and was validated and measured in The Ageless Secret Sun Lovers Mist (SLM).

SLM was studied by independent labs as the preferred substance because it is water only.  It contains no physical ingredients.  The William A. Tiller Labs studied it for 2 years.  A big proof that Organizing Energy was present in SLM, was the treated water analyzed with a device that measures the amount of insoluble matter suspended in water detected particles suspended in the water, but other tests showed no physical ingredients were present!  The device only detects insoluble suspended particles.  Since this is just water, the energy caused a new kind of insoluble particle to be created. What is insoluble in water… oil. 

Analysis with a UV Spectrophotometer showed SLM had a UV absorbance peak at 270 nm.  To cause that to exist with no ingredients is huge.  It means the water formed a ring type structure similar to the organic, oil-like, molecule, benzene! Plain water does not show such a peak.  Both of these test results, insoluble suspended oil-like particles of water in water where no physical ingredients are present  and the detection of a “benzene ring type” oil-like structure in water where no physical ingredients are present, are proof of a new type of Subtle Energy.  That is, an Organizing Energy has been discovered that has a profound effect on matter in this dimension. While we can’t measure the faster than light part, proving the existence of Organizing Energy means that this energy should be moving faster than light.  Because Organizing Energy does not exist in this dimension, we also have indirect proof of the existence of another dimension.  The landmark report was published March 2014 in the peer reviewed journal, WATER.  We highlighted some paragraphs. It is suggested the reader start with these and then go back over the report if more details are desired.  For more about how this energy discovery is based on predictions using Einstein’s Equation, visit our other web site at


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