1 – Overview & Quick Facts

Before Deciding on a Product

Are you confused about which “Forever Young” products really work?

If you want to see different results you need to use something that is different.

The Ageless Secret is different because it is the only skin care product proven to contain ENERGY! (see the tab Anti-Aging Secrets for details)

This energy benefits you in 3 ways.

  1. When this energy in the  formula contacts the outer layers of your skin it helps to make it look young again by expanding the water within. This results in remarkable skin tightening, plumping, smoothness, and wrinkle reduction.
  2. It helps give your skin a beautiful youthful glow.
  3. It supports your built-in Natural Skin Renewal Process, NSRP and giving you the possibility of long term results.

NSRP – You get new skin on your face every 28 days. When you meet a friend who has not seen you for 6 months not one molecule that is there now will be there. They will all have been completely replaced. NSRP seems to work fine up until about the age of 35 and then it gradually becomes less efficient. Why? No one knows for sure, but the research of Harold Saxton Burr of Yale led us to conclude it has an energy component which MUST be supported for it work the way nature intended. The painstaking multi-step process and the careful choice of ingredients allow The Ageless Secret to do that.

There are many scientists who claim it is impossible to energize water, or change its properties energetically. However, we have discovered that young children can hold a glass of water for 30 seconds and they will change the way the water feels.  Most adults cannot do that.  This effect is temporary, but it reveals there is a special energy and ability, that weakens with age.  Young children have this special energy of youth, and all day it may be changing the water they drink, without touching it, to a type of water that makes their skin look flawlessly beautiful.  In the water test, the glass acts as skin, and the water in the glass as the water in skin. 

The Ageless Secret™ GOLD has 3 natural ingredients,MSM, Aloe and Trace Minerals, which make skin look great.  When you use it on the surface of your skin, its special energy, supports, within your skin, the revitalizing of water, without ever touching it.  The more, and the longer you use The Ageless Secret™ GOLD on your face, neck and hands, the more your skin will have a flawlessly beautiful, child-like feel and look.  This makes everything else you do for your skin, work better.  That means you will save time and money, since you will need less of them.  For example, we suggest using half the amount of toner, serums, creams and Retin-A products and see how your skin responds.

Where does this energy come from and what is it? In 1929 Astronomer Edwin Hubble discovered that the universe was not slowing down as was predicted by the Big Bang Theory and instead was accelerating. This meant there was some mysterious unseen energy that was responsible.  Today it is called Dark Energy. It makes up more than 70% of the known universe.

While some may  find it hard to believe, including us, we have been told our product has Dark Energy.  This was first told to us by Dr. Steven Nelson in 2004.  At that time we did not know what Dark Energy was.  In 2010 I had a meeting with Master JO, an amazingly accomplished CHI GUNG Master. He doesn’t speak much English. He  evaluated the energy in The Ageless Secret™ and when he said “lots of Dark Energy”, I almost fell over. 

In 2011, Raymon Grace, also confirmed the same thing.  We had guessed that catalyst energy might have been Dark Energy but we had no way to know for sure.  So since no one knows where the energy comes from that makes catalyst chemistry possible it seems it may be Dark Energy.  However, recent information from a PhD Physicist, who follows these things, believes it almost herasy to make that claim.  So let’s just say that when NASA  has found a way to measure Dark Energy, in substances, on planet earth, we will be happy to submit samples for testing! 

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