10 – Understanding Water Expansion

Why Water Expands When It Freezes

by Jim Kaszyk, Chemist, KASZ Enterprises, Inc.

According to the Kinetic Theory of matter, the molecules in all matter vibrate back and forth.  When water gets cold its molecules move more slowly and you would expect it to contract.  But as water freezes it does the opposite.  It expands!

Experiments I have made, that have also been validated by a third party testing facility, have shown me that it is possible to expand water at room temperature. How can one add something to water that weighs the same as water and have the mixture be lighter than water?  The day I saw this I knew that structured water science would now have the credibility it was seeking and science would never be the same as new theories would come forth from this discovery.  Those observations have led me to this theory of why water expands when it freezes.

Water expands when it freezes because it is a dipole molecule that can form tiny crystalline structures that can hold energy.  We normally do not see this happen until it is cold enough that the kinetic motion of the water molecules slow to a speed that allows for a stabilized structure to occur.  An analogy may be that one could think of the water molecules as tiny magnets.  When water molecules move slowly the magnets are able to stick together to form structures.  These structures hold energy.  This energy has the ability to expand the tiny structure into a larger ones, which become ice crystals and the water instantly begins to expand.  When I did the room temperature expansion of water experiment I noticed that no mixing was necessary.  The expansion occurred immediately almost as if one had several small bar magnets on a table and arranged them from a collapsed form to an expanded form.  It is a known fact that crystalline structures can hold energy.  But if this theory is correct, what is this energy that the water molecules are absorbing and where does it come from?

A clue as to what this energy is comes from experiments I did.  The idea was to try to capture the mysterious energy known as Catalyst Energy.  All scientists know that a catalyst is a substance, usually a metal, like nickel or platinum that in the presence of certain combinations of ingredients makes the reaction go faster.  The catalyst is not used up and does not become part of the end product.  This means there is an energy flowing through the universe that somehow the catalyst brings into the reaction to speed it up.  I wanted to learn the secrets of this energy and use it to make super energized ingredients that would perform better instead of making a reaction go faster.  After many years of experiments I succeeded in making devices to do that.  But now with the expansion of water at room temperature I am not sure that it is catalyst energy that I captured or maybe catalyst energy is the same or just another name for another mysterious energy that is flowing through the universe. I know it is not Chi.  Experiments with Chi were unreliable.  It may possibly be Dark Energy, the mysterious unknown energy that is flowing through the universe and causing it to expand.  It does appear that it may be this Dark Energy which is being held in the crystalline structures of the water molecules that gives water its amazing ability to rapidly expand when it freezes.

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