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Boosting Your Energy To Make Happy Water

What is happy water? Happy water is the kind of water we have in us when we are young.

This is a Jim Kaszyk theory and it is based on the concept of structured water. Structured water is described as organized water.

water1.1-300x200So how does that benefit you? An easy way to understand how this works is to compare the difference between quartz and sand. Both are chemically the same, but quartz is highly structured allowing it to amplify electrical signals. Sand is randomly structured and it does not amplify electrical signals. According to the structured water theory of aging, when we are young we have high amounts of structured water. As we age the amount declines until we can no longer live.

Also according to this theory your DNA is bathed in this kind of water and stress destroys structured water. So, it may be that by having happy thoughts you help to keep your structured water, the water of your youth, intact so your DNA can function best. But, the bigger question here is where does this structured water of youth come from and why do we lose it?

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