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Why Does Skin Look Older As We Age?

When we are young our skin has great elasticity, but as we age, it gradually declines and the skin looks older. Why?

We think it is because as we age, a youthful energy within us gradually weakens and we lose the ability to self-energize the water we drink.  Then the skin begins to lose elasticity, wrinkle, sag, and look older.

Prove The Energy For Yourself – With This Energized Water Test:
Amazingly, people with great skin elasticity can do this test and get some results without using any product!   Results are better with product.   In this test, the glass, acts as your skin, and the water in the glass, as the water in your skin.  The Ageless Secrettm GOLD has an energy boosting ability that can revitalize water in skin. Spray 5 sprays of The Ageless Secrettm GOLD into the palm of one hand. Rub your palms together several times. Pour yourself a glass, or plastic cup of water, paper cups don’t work as well. Wrap both hands firmly around the container of water. Hold for 30 seconds. Put some of the energized water on your CLEAN skin and rub it in. Most people notice this “self-energized water” feels more slippery than water and wets out their skin better!

We Are Seeking Volunteers of Various Ages To Perform This Energy Test:
The results of our testing, without product, has shown us there may be a strong connection between how much skin elasticity a person has and their ability to energetically change the properties of water.   If the theory is correct, we think every child can do this with ease and probably most adolescents.   We will be posting the results on our blog at for everyone to see.  We are hoping hundreds and maybe thousands will be curious enough to try this test.   Email us with your results giving us your approximate age (corresponds to skin elasticity) and name.

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