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NEW Blue Laser Video Confirms Energy In Our Sun Lovers Mist


We have maintained that it’s the energy in our Ageless Secret products that makes skin tighter and develops a beautiful healthy glow. Critics have said that cannot be the way your products work because water cannot be energized.  Therefore, energy cannot be present in your products…

The video below is proof that our products do contain energy. In a side-by-side comparison, against plain water, a blue laser through the Ageless Secret Sun Lovers Mist appears tighter and brighter.  There are no physical ingredients in Ageless Secret Sun Lovers Mist, as has been proven by independent laboratories.  It is pure bottled spring water that we have energized with our exclusive process.

The energy in Ageless Secret Sun lovers Mist is at the lowest level in our products. The product with the highest amount of energy, Ageless Secret GOLD contains so much energy it can be shown it can energize water! This unique type of Energy, called Subtle Energy, is not thermal, nor atomic, nor electromagnetic.  It is non-threatening to the body and supports its natural processes. When applied to the skin, the energy in The Ageless Secret GOLD causes skin to look smoother, tighter and plumper and the skin develops a beautiful healthy glow.

These video test results have Age Reversal and Life Extension implications because in order for the beam to get brighter and tighter there must be some kind of organizing energy.  In life, the normal state of things is to fall apart with time and people and things age and no longer work like they did when they were young.  An organizing energy could theoretically slow or reverse that.  Scientists would call this increased coherence, and it implies a concept known as negative entropy, which is something only seen in living organisms because they can renew themselves making the physics of life different from the non-living world. For example, Harold Saxton Burr, PhD proved the body has an energy field he called the Life Field that surrounded every cell. (We think his discovery was such a big advancement in science that it should have earned the Nobel Prize.) That means the skin has an energy field that extends over it.  How big an advancement for science would it be if the Life Field could be shown it can structure water?  The video below shows the body’s energy field can structure water!

By the way, those who know about science will tell you the implications of being able to energize water and create a condition of organizing energy, means we need to re-write our laws of physics.  That is not entirely correct. — it just means our current knowledge is incomplete, and there is more to discover!!

How does the body’s energy structure water?  In the Video below, Walter E. Dibble, PhD discusses the astounding results he witnessed while taking turbidity measurements on the water before and after being energized by the body’s energy.

Laser Beam Video

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