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Prominent Plastic Surgeon Endorses and Uses The Ageless Secret

Plastic Surgeon’s Radio Interview

Dr. Curtis J. Perry, M.D. Endorses The Ageless Secret Gold!

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dr_perryDr. Curtis J. Perry, M.D. now offers and endorses The Ageless Secret GOLD Formula, anti-aging cosmetic, at his state of the art Artistic Surgical Center. Dr. Perry, a well respected cosmetic surgeon and graduate of Brown University and an accomplished sculptor with a degree from RISD first became aware of The Ageless Secret GOLD Formula when he hosted a Business After Hours event and Jim Kaszyk, chief technologist of KASZ Enterprises, a long-time Chamber Member, approached him.

Kaszyk, who has a degree in Chemistry from U Mass and has distinguished himself over the years in scientific circles, is proud to have invented The Ageless Secret GOLD Formula, which was the result of 10 years foundational research and 5 years of product development.

Claire, Dr. Perry’s office manager was the first person from Dr. Perry’s office to evaluate the product. After about 60 days of evaluation she called Kaszyk raving about how amazed she was with her results from The Ageless Secret GOLD Formula. This was especially gratifying, because she told Kaszyk that of the many products they had evaluated over many years, there was only one product other than The Ageless Secret GOLD Formula, which met their standards.

The Ageless Secret GOLD Formula has benefited Dr. Perry because it makes his patients look younger and that supports his mission, which is to make his patients look good and feel good. Dr. Perry is so impressed with the product that he and his wife Dr. Barbara Guillette M.D., ear, nose and throat specialist, now personally use The Ageless Secret GOLD Formula as a way to naturally reverse the signs of aging.

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