Your Energy Bank

Does Your “Energy Bank” Hold The Secret To Be Ageless?

Your Energy Bank

If you think about it, it is common sense that we all have an “energy bank”.  When we are stressed and tired we feel like we are running low on energy.  So, it seems like it is easy for us to make withdrawals from our energy bank, but how do we put back energy into our bank?  The answer seems to be by eating and getting rest.  But do we really replace, as much energy as we withdrew or does it fall short by just a little each time and that is the cause of aging?

Classical Theories of Aging
There are several classical theories about aging. One of them is the telomere theory, which says that DNA actually controls your lifespan. Telomeres are protective end-caps that keep your DNA from getting damaged when it divides. However, for some unknown reason these protective end-caps wear out, and because of this the maximum lifespan of humans appears to be about 124 years. A U.S. Government sponsored study from the National Academy of Sciences proved that stress accelerates the wearing out of Telomeres! This causes cells to eventually lose their ability to reproduce, which results in signs of aging such as wrinkles, diminished eyesight, and eventually organ failure and death.  In other words accelerated aging due to stress, reduces your quality of life, makes you look older and shortens your lifespan!

Rejuvenating approaches tied to other theories of aging, such as the free-radical theory and the hormone-replacement theory, have shown good results at temporarily reversing some signs of aging, but they are focusing on the mechanisms of the aging process and NOT the cause.

Scientists theorize that if our cells can be supplied with the oxygen and nutrients they need to support life, they should be able to renew and repair themselves forever! However, up until the age of about 13, when ten cells die off, 10 new cells take their place. After puberty there is a gradual decline, until by age 70 only 7 out of 10 cells are replaced. So maybe the key to the real cause of aging may lie in understanding what is different about the cells in children and adults?

High Energy and Cell Flexibility 
One clear difference is that the cells in children are more flexible than those in adults. Testing skin elasticity can easily show this. Cells that are more flexible are more easily renewed because they have cell membranes that more easily allow for water, oxygen and nutrients to flow into them. Skin elasticity can be improved with external hydration and lubrication with oily substances, but those results are temporary. Could there be another factor? The free radical theory of aging is based on the fact that certain kinds of compounds damage cell membranes and accelerate the aging process. Both children and adults are exposed to these compounds all the time, but children’s cells don’t seem to be affected by them as adults’ do.

Why?  Could it be that the high level of cell flexibility in children is due to the fact that their energy reserves are higher than adults and this protects their cells against free radical damage?  Also, could the great skin elasticity of children be due mostly to this higher energy and vitality?  If this is true, then how does this higher level of energy relate to improved hydration?  Perhaps a clue can be found in the theory of Hexagonal Water.  This theory is based on the great longevity of people living in areas such as the Caucasus Mountains.  They drink naturally occurring glacial water.

Tests show it is high in energy, hydrates cells at a very high level, and has a hexagonal structure.  Amazingly, research has shown, that when one drinks hexagonal water, it loses its structure in the mouth and then it is restored back to hexagonal water again later in the body.  Since there are machines that create this water using magnetism and electricity, could the restoration in the body be occurring because of the body’s energy and vitality, which is a reflection of the ability of the body to produce electrical energy?   If so, then if the skin elasticity test is done in a scientific manner, it is not just a measure of hydration but it is instead a measure of our energy vitality  (energy bank) and thus a measure of aging.

Stress and Your Muscles

Marci Shimoff, featured teacher in the DVD “The Secret” and NY Times Best-Selling Author, has been doing the ‘muscle test” on National TV talk shows to show how stress can weaken us.  She does this by first having the host of the show hold out their arm parallel to the floor and then asking the host to say something pleasant like “I am Worthy, I am Worthy, I am Worthy.” Then as the host of the show resists, she presses down on the arm.  The result is the arm stays strong.  Then she repeats the test, but his time she asks the host to say something stressing, like “I am NOT Worthy, I am NOT Worthy, I am NOT Worthy ”.

The stress of saying this causes the arm to weaken and when Marci presses down on the arm it no longer stays strong and it drops toward the floor showing that the this test can be used to show the effect of stress on the muscles!  Why has stress caused the muscles to weaken?  Earlier we learned a US Government Study proved that stress accelerates aging.  Muscles need energy to function.  Could it be that the weakened muscles were due to a temporary shortage of energy in the energy bank, which if allowed to continue results in accelerated aging?

Foods That Can Help Us? 
There are foods, which are known to help skin stay young, but that approach concentrates on the body as a machine, which needs this “part” or that “part” to continue its existence, and we all know the results are only temporary.  In the battle to help fight cellular aging from within, there is a proprietary rice product that has been proven to increase cellular energy by more than 40%. This means it may help slow down aging, and be especially helpful in cases of severe stress.

Is This the Way To Put Energy Back Into Our Energy Bank?
It seems that the amount of skin elasticity and the muscle test may be an indication of what is happening to our energy bank.  Tests show there is a product, The Ageless Secret™ Skin Spray that instantly increase the flow of electricity over the skin, and improves skin elasticity.  Test also show it cancels out the energy draining effect of stressful thought.  This makes it wonderful for skin, and it seems to show it may put energy back into our energy bank!  If it really did, how would we know?  There is simple test anyone can do involving a glass of water that proves it can help us add energy to water.

It also seems that the increase in energy people feel when it is sprayed on the skin and the increase in skin elasticity, may partly be due to its ability to add energy, which may help restore Hexagonal water. Earlier we learned that Hexagonal water needs energy to stabilize it.  Of course, the best way to tell if it may be adding energy to our energy bank is to watch the people who have been using The Ageless Secret™ for years and see if they are starting to look ageless!

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Article by Jim Kaszyk, Chemist, and Chief Technologist for KASZ Enterprises, Inc.

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