Water Power!!!

About The Ageless Secret™ Formula

It e-x-p-a-n-d-s water.*

You see it as superior skin elasticity, tightness, smoothness, plumpness and wrinkle reduction. You are 70% water. When this Energetic Cosmetic™, The Ageless Secret, contacts the outer layers of your skin, the energy in it expands the water within. (the ultimate example of expanded water is ice)

The Ageless Secret is made with the best ingredients people take to fight aging….

  • Water, MSM, (a bio sulfur that improves cell flexibility) Aloe, and Trace Minerals.
  • Then In a one-of-a-kind process we infuse the energy of:
  • Niacin – increases circulation
  • Cayenne Pepper – increases circulation
  • Helichrysum – also known as Immortelle because of anecdotal reports of anti-aging
  • Ho Shou Wu – Legendary Chinese herb used for centuries to help beat the aging clock.

This Subtle Energy infusion process helps us produce a remarkable energetic anti-aging beauty product that doesn’t feel sticky or greasy or leave a powdery residue on your skin.

* An independent U.S. Government certified laboratory verified that when one adds 2-oz of The Ageless Secret GOLD Formula to 2-oz of water they do not get 4 oz as you would expect. They get more! This increase is proof the formula has energy that expands water. Ice expands 9%. This expansion from the energy of The Ageless Secret GOLD formula is less than 1% making it safe and effective for a cosmetic. Even though this may seem small, some scientists say it may be one of the greatest breakthroughs in the history of science.

“The fact that The Ageless Secret formula increases water’s volume indicates that structural changes have occurred in the water. It is the first time I am aware of that anyone has measured a volumetric increase by energetically enhancing water – definitely something to pay attention to” MJ Pangman, co author of Dancing with Water: The New Science of Water


They showed:

  • The order of addition is critical
  • Adding Water to Ageless Secret GOLD results in a slight decrease in volume.
  • Adding Ageless Secret GOLD to Water results in a 0.5% increase in volume.

Click here to see the report from Acta Labs.

Discussion: The fact that the ORDER OF ADDITION IS CRITICAL is an interesting anomaly. It shows that water does not expand Ageless Secret GOLD. It shows that Ageless Secret GOLD expands water. Because the chemical composition is the same for both mixtures, but the results are different depending on the order of addition, these results hint at the possibility that the structure of water was changed. Also, since the chemical composition is the same for both mixtures and the results are different depending on the order of addition, the changes do not occur because of the chemicals in the mix, but instead from an unseen energy source.

The expansion of water at room temperature to this amount energetically is huge. As far as we know, no other substance, product or device has ever been able to do this.

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The Ageless Secret