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NEW Blue Laser Video Confirms Energy In Our Sun Lovers Mist

We have maintained that it’s the energy in our Ageless Secret products that makes skin tighter and develops a beautiful healthy glow. Critics have said that cannot be the way your products work because water cannot be energized.  Therefore, energy

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Scientific Study Verifies Unique Product that Slows Facial Aging by Harnessing Your Own Body Energy! April 24, 2013 | Author Stevie Wilson Everyone has an “miracle” anti-aging product- but do they really work? Skip the procedures and invasive stuff– let’s

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Getting Vitamin D – Naturally

As studies are showing moderate sun exposure can be beneficial, people are starting to consider getting outside to catch some rays. However, as other studies show a correlation between skin cancer and sunscreens, people are becoming increasingly confused about how

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Why Does Skin Look Older As We Age?

When we are young our skin has great elasticity, but as we age, it gradually declines and the skin looks older. Why? We think it is because as we age, a youthful energy within us gradually weakens and we lose

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Sun Damaged Skin –A Supplement That May Protect You

The sun is good for you, but too much or the wrong kind of sun exposure can be bad for you. The damage comes if you don’t have enough minerals in your blood, don’t move around, and get too much

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Joan Bunney talks Ageless Secret

Joan Bunney Natural Anti-aging Expert is sharing her thoughts on the Ageless Secret product.

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Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium – Your Friends For Life

In order for your body to renew itself it must have oxygen. Your red blood cells are the vehicles that transport oxygen to your cells. Foods or supplements that you can eat that will make it easier for your body

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Dr. Steven Gundry Talks Ageless Secret

It was truly an honor to hear what Dr. Steven Gundry had to say about the Ageless Secret product.

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Wrinkles: The TRUE Cause

Happy water is the structured water you have in you in great abundance when you are young. This kind of water occurs naturally in some remote mountainous regions. Most of us did not drink structured water as children. We drank

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Mother’s Day Special

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Is Age Reversal Now Possible?

There is a famous experiment that was done at Harvard. Several volunteers who were over the age of 50 were placed in an environment that was like being back in time. The magazines, the surroundings, and the music were from

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The Value of Structured Water

As a followup to our post on Happy Water, we wanted to share this video with you about structured water. Structured water is most beneficial to our health. Structured, hexagonal water acts as a powerful anti-oxidant, capable of destroying vast numbers

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