We have maintained that it’s the energy in our Ageless Secret products that makes skin tighter and develops a beautiful healthy glow. Critics have said that cannot be the way your products work because water cannot be energized.  Therefore, energy cannot be present in your products…

The video below is proof that our products do contain energy. In a side-by-side comparison, against plain water, a blue laser through the Ageless Secret Sun Lovers Mist appears tighter and brighter.  There are no physical ingredients in Ageless Secret Sun Lovers Mist, as has been proven by independent laboratories.  It is pure bottled spring water that we have energized with our exclusive process.

The energy in Ageless Secret Sun lovers Mist is at the lowest level in our products. The product with the highest amount of energy, Ageless Secret GOLD contains so much energy it can be shown it can energize water! This unique type of Energy, called Subtle Energy, is not thermal, nor atomic, nor electromagnetic.  It is non-threatening to the body and supports its natural processes. When applied to the skin, the energy in The Ageless Secret GOLD causes skin to look smoother, tighter and plumper and the skin develops a beautiful healthy glow.

These video test results have Age Reversal and Life Extension implications because in order for the beam to get brighter and tighter there must be some kind of organizing energy.  In life, the normal state of things is to fall apart with time and people and things age and no longer work like they did when they were young.  An organizing energy could theoretically slow or reverse that.  Scientists would call this increased coherence, and it implies a concept known as negative entropy, which is something only seen in living organisms because they can renew themselves making the physics of life different from the non-living world. For example, Harold Saxton Burr, PhD proved the body has an energy field he called the Life Field that surrounded every cell. (We think his discovery was such a big advancement in science that it should have earned the Nobel Prize.) That means the skin has an energy field that extends over it.  How big an advancement for science would it be if the Life Field could be shown it can structure water?  The video below shows the body’s energy field can structure water!

By the way, those who know about science will tell you the implications of being able to energize water and create a condition of organizing energy, means we need to re-write our laws of physics.  That is not entirely correct. — it just means our current knowledge is incomplete, and there is more to discover!!

How does the body’s energy structure water?  In the Video below, Walter E. Dibble, PhD discusses the astounding results he witnessed while taking turbidity measurements on the water before and after being energized by the body’s energy.

Laser Beam Video

Scientific Study Verifies Unique Product that Slows Facial Aging by Harnessing Your Own Body Energy!

DateApril 24, 2013 | AuthorAuthor

Everyone has an “miracle” anti-aging product- but do they really work? Skip the procedures and invasive stuff– let’s just talk topical here. We all have had experience with pricey products that don’t do a lot. Or pricey products that produce some results but not long enough or eventually we are going broke “bathing” our face in the stuff. What if I told you that there is a product line available that will help you topically but also internally.. so that your face plumps up more and you could see visible differences fairly quickly– depending on how you use this.

The line is Ageless Secret and I have been talking to chemist/inventor/entrepreneur Jim Kazsyk about his product line of Ageless Secret Gold, Ageless Secret Diamond and also their new Sun Lovers Mist .


Women and men age differently but no matter what age you are , you can reduce the appearance of wrinkles with the new, improved version of The Ageless Secret ™an all natural, hydrating skin energizing and tightening spray that lifts, tones, and hydrates like a beauty mask.

Before 2007

“The Ageless Secret allows you to look younger as you get older because it uses our proprietary technology, Energetic CosmeticTM that helps reverse the signs of aging as it reduces the appearance of wrinkles on the face, forehead, eyes and other body parts,” stated Jim Kaszyk, a research chemist and president of KASZ Enterprises, Inc. which has been making and improving the product for the past 15 years.

After 2012

“The Ageless Secret is a low-cost reverse-aging skin care product alternative to expensive facial procedures like surgery and specialized spa treatments,” he said. “There is no pain, no down time and no side effects. The anti-wrinkle spray has a special energy that may help hydrate and revitalize skin stem cells.”

The beauty product supports the body’s built-in skin renewal system, which replaces skin cells on hands every 24 hours and on the face every 28 days.

“It is our job to make those new skin cells look the very best we can. With regular daily use you will see your skin’s appearance improve. It produces a temporary skin tightening and improvement in skin elasticity. Skin regenerates from within, so it helps your body make those cells the best they can be.”

From the San Francisco Chronicle

The Ageless Secret products boost the electrical energy of the skin, revitalizes the water within, restores luster and smoothness and immediately improves skin elasticity by up to 50%.

The science behind the product is based on the research of Dr. Harold Saxton Burr of Yale and which was documented on a PBS video, “American Health Journal: Discoveries In Alternative Medicine.”

The William A. Tiller Research Institute, an independent lab, verified that the product infused the water with energy.

The above video shows real time proof that The Ageless Secret™ is highly Energetic. Quite dramatically, the product scores very high numbers and, amazingly, is capable of boosting recorded low numbers of other substances!

Notably, when The Ageless Secret™ was scored with low energy value substances, readings were slightly higher than The Ageless Secret™ alone. This may result from lower energy substances challenging the body in the much the same way as immune system stimulation therapies create a response; and The Ageless Secret™ “took advantage” by recording higher scores. This revolutionary discovery may be the credibility and PROOF for Energetics sought by natural medicine.

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To find out how to reduce the effects of aging, the company offers a free ebook,
“Ageless Secrets: Did You Know that You Are Not Supposed to Look Older as You Age?”

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YOU should try this product, especially if you have a LightStim. (don’t know what that is? search in this blog for it!). This is a great product and there are different ways to use it to make sure that you get the best results. It’s not super fast- but it’s affordable, the bottles last a long time and if you are diligent, you will be THRILLED with the results.

PS. I do use this product. The last round I purchased– some of everything. When Ageless Secret has specials, that’s when I buy. So do pay attention to the site. The best results are from the Ageless Secret GOLD but also the Sun Lovers Mist and I will tip you off a way to use it beyond just topically. I know it might sound weird– but it REALLY does work.

This isn’t the last you will hear about this product OR the study. READ IT.

Stevie Wilson,

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summer_camp_sun_2013As studies are showing moderate sun exposure can be beneficial, people are starting to consider getting outside to catch some rays. However, as other studies show a correlation between skin cancer and sunscreens, people are becoming increasingly confused about how to safely get the sun exposure needed to allow their bodies to naturally produce vitamin D for optimal health.

Dr. Michael F. Holick, an authority on vitamin D and author of The Vitamin D Solution, recommends moderate daily sun exposure. By carefully following Holick’s advice to get out into the sun and protecting oneself from the sun when exposure has been sufficient, it is possible to safely use the sun as a good source of natural vitamin D. He also recommends about 10-15 minutes of sun exposure (without sunscreen products) during between 10:00AM and 3:00PM in the summer, 20 -30 minutes in the spring and fall and 35-40 minutes in the winter.

Benefits of Sun Exposure over Supplementation:
There are benefits to producing vitamin D through sun exposure versus taking it in pill form. Dr. Holick states “vitamin D garnered from the sun lasts twice as long as vitamin D taken from food sources.” He also points out that there is no monetary cost associated with obtaining vitamin D from the sun. And that people cannot overdose on sun-sourced vitamin D, whereas there is a risk of toxicity when taking the pill form. Other published reports, including the Journal of the American Medical Association, indicating that people in outdoor occupations are less likely to get the deadly form of skin cancer, malignant melanoma, than those who spend most of their times indoors. The danger from the sun, according to the studies, comes with overexposure to the sun and the indiscriminate use of sunscreens that only block out UVB radiation.

The Danger in Sunscreens:
There are indications that some sunscreens do not block out the deeper penetrating UVA radiation that causes melanoma, but only the UVB radiation that causes sunburns and is also the same type of radiation from the sun that causes one to burn. Sunscreens encourage people to spend more time out in the sun. If the sunscreen used does not block out the UVA radiation, then a person will be at risk of developing malignant melanoma from prolonged exposure to UVA radiation. Sunscreens interfere with the body’s ability to tan, and the ability to tan is important in protecting us from getting melanoma. Even though UVB is the primary cause of sunburn, it initiates beneficial responses, stimulating the production of vitamin D that the body uses in many important processes, causes special skin cells called melanocytes to produce melanin, which is a protective. UVB also stimulates the production of Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH), an important hormone in weight loss and energy production.

Global Warming:
UVA, UVB and UVC come from the sun. All can be dangerous and all can damage collagen fibers and accelerate aging of the skin. Normally, UVC, the most dangerous UV rays are completely absorbed by the Ozone Layer. Dr. James G. Anderson, who studied the atmosphere for over 40 years, has found that Global Warming is causing strong storms, which lead to thinning of the Ozone Layer over the U.S. This thinning of the Ozone Layer can mean even brief moments in the sun may now put us at greater risk to the most dangerous UV rays –UVC.

Exposure to sun with no protection can lead to greater risk. There is a product called The Ageless Secret Sun Lovers Mist™ that blocks out the UVC rays, reduces the risk of accelerated aging from the sun and does not block vitamin D production. I like that it has no chemicals or preservatives and it leaves the skin feeling silky smooth without feeling greasy.

Dr. Howard Peiper, N.D., nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, has written several best selling books, including, “The Secrets of Staying Young”.

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When we are young our skin has great elasticity, but as we age, it gradually declines and the skin looks older. Why?

We think it is because as we age, a youthful energy within us gradually weakens and we lose the ability to self-energize the water we drink.  Then the skin begins to lose elasticity, wrinkle, sag, and look older.

Prove The Energy For Yourself – With This Energized Water Test:
Amazingly, people with great skin elasticity can do this test and get some results without using any product!   Results are better with product.   In this test, the glass, acts as your skin, and the water in the glass, as the water in your skin.  The Ageless Secrettm GOLD has an energy boosting ability that can revitalize water in skin. Spray 5 sprays of The Ageless Secrettm GOLD into the palm of one hand. Rub your palms together several times. Pour yourself a glass, or plastic cup of water, paper cups don’t work as well. Wrap both hands firmly around the container of water. Hold for 30 seconds. Put some of the energized water on your CLEAN skin and rub it in. Most people notice this “self-energized water” feels more slippery than water and wets out their skin better!

We Are Seeking Volunteers of Various Ages To Perform This Energy Test:
The results of our testing, without product, has shown us there may be a strong connection between how much skin elasticity a person has and their ability to energetically change the properties of water.   If the theory is correct, we think every child can do this with ease and probably most adolescents.   We will be posting the results on our blog at for everyone to see.  We are hoping hundreds and maybe thousands will be curious enough to try this test.   Email us with your results giving us your approximate age (corresponds to skin elasticity) and name.

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This information is intended to enhance youthful beauty.
The FDA has not evaluated these statements. None of this information is intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease.

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