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by Carla Breer Howard

One of the basics of the green movement is that we need to shop locally. The idea is to cut back the carbon output from shipping the item.

Another good green idea is a growing awareness of “toxic load”, the manmade chemicals that as they accumulate within us, weigh down on the natural function of our bodies.

The very good news is that some remarkable beauty products, blended from all-natural and organic ingredients that our bodies happily ingest, are made right here in the Coachella Valley. You too can become a true eco-scout, be good to yourself and become more beautiful in one fell swoop.


It sounds pretty ”out there,” but this formula developed over 15 years by Palm Desert chemist Jim Kaszyk will win you over in just two pinches.

There’s the “before” pinch on your (possibly crepe-y) hand; then you could knit a sweater as you’re waiting for your epidermis to flatten back. Next, you get a couple of sprays on that hand of a clear, scentless, non-oily liquid which you gently rub in. After it dries without a trace, the second pinch follows and your skin zips right back into place. WOW. Remember, I’m a journalist; professionally, we eat breathe and sleep skepticism.

Kaszyk, who once worked for the U.S. Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine, explains the process as restoring something called “structured water”. It’s abundant in us when we’re young, bathing the collagen and elastin that underlies our younger skin. With age, we lose it, and along come the sags and wrinkles. Magnetism and electricity create this structured water; the product works by boosting the electrical energy of the skin. And, accordingly, it revitalizes the water within us, lifting our droops in the process. It even comes with an X-ray shielding bag for travel. You just have to visit the Web Site.

Outside our valley, Whole Foods carries it in some locations, although a two-month supply of The Ageless Secret Gold Formula (the strongest version) sells for $160.

The Ageless Secret will be featured on PBS later this month, airing first in Los Angeles, with its own 15-minute segment of “Discoveries in Alternative Medicine”. During the program, Dr. Steven Gundry, Palm Springs’ longevity guru, thoracic surgeon and best-selling author of “Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution: Turn Off the Genes That Are Killing You,” comments “I use it; it works” That’s good enough for me.


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