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Ageless Secret: A Conversation with Originator Jim Kaszyk

by Sydney L. Murray

I recently had the opportunity to try a new product by a pretty amazing chemist, Jim Kaszyk, who has created a product that may turn back the hands of time.

The Ageless Secret™ is a trade name of KASZ Enterprises Inc., founded by Kaszyk, President and Chief Technologist. The company’s mission is to investigate ancient technologies reputed to promote health and extend life and to use the best of these as the basis for beneficial, modern commercial application.

Kaszyk has advanced new ideas connecting Eastern Medical Bio Energy Technologies with Western DNA Science, leading to a new way of looking at the human body and the mind body connection. The Ageless Secret technology developed by Kaszyk involves the ability of crystalline structures to amplify life and revitalize cellular energies.

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Kaszyk believes that modern science will allow us to rediscover the underlying principles of respected ancient healing technologies. This discovery heralds the dawn of a new age of understanding life and the true cause of aging.

Vision Magazine: How did the Ageless Secret product come about?

Jim Kaszyk: It actually came about through serendipity. I am a chemist and am involved in a number of different chemical disciplines, and I eventually got involved with a hair loss product as a favor to a friend. They were having problems with their product, so I started doing research to make it better. Then they went out of business and I was left with 1000 customers that we were selling this product to.


This was an herbal product and we believed it made hair fuller and thicker. It was very successful. My strategy was using customer testimonials to sell my product. [However,] the FDA mandates that you be forbidden to use those testimonials (even though my clients said it worked and we had photos and documentation). They kept going to court with me and eventually they won.

I was trying to find the answer to create the world’s greatest baldness remedy. I then came across the research of Dr. Gerber and his book, “Vibrational Medicine.” The book had mentioned the research of Dr. Harold Burr, from Yale. It said in Gerber’s book that when Dr. Burr measured the shape of the energy field around a seeded sprout, it was not the shape of the seeded sprout, but the adult plant that it was to become.

JK: I was looking for a way to exhaust all the physical realm of possibilities of trying to create a product that was going to work better, and I said, this [research] looks really good. This is the connection between DNA and, of course, the belief that hair loss is hereditary. I thought, this is what I am looking for. So I wanted to duplicate Burr’s research and I called Dr. Gerber. He said, “You need to use Kirlian photography instead of what Dr. Burr did because you won’t be able to duplicate his electrodes or the research he did exactly. But Kirlian will give you a good indication of what direction to go in.” So using Kirlian photography, and working with that, and taking lots of photos and different ingredients and seeing the compatibility with the human body and what happens to the energy field, I was moving forward in my research. Eventually I developed a formula that I thought was going to be really great for my people.

I had clients trying it and they got the same responses I did—it really wasn’t doing much for their hair, but their skin looked fabulous. It took me about two years to pull out what was the ingredient creating the improvement to the skin.

VM: Tell me about the energetic component.

JK: I was reading several books by Dr. Chopra [and] Chopra said that in, I think it was, “Quantum Healing,” that all the matter in the earth was recycled—that it was used over and over again. Abraham Lincoln or Julius Caesar or Genghis Khan could have breathed some of the air that you and I are breathing right now.

I believe that all matter has an energetic component to it, and according to the research of Dr. Chopra, that energy becomes stale over time. This was not the same as when the world was young. It was reported in biblical times that people lived for almost a thousand years. This is really wild [since], according to the telomere theory of aging, our telomeres wear out after about the age of 125. So, what was different back then if they really did live this long? Maybe they didn’t live a thousand years. Maybe it was one quarter of that, but still, a couple hundred years is still pretty good. I said they probably had something different back then and I thought it was the ingredients [they consumed], the way that the world was different. The world today is so polluted that it is so hard for Mother Earth refresh the ingredients the same way.

My goal was to find a way to create ingredients that were more like when the earth was young. If I had these super ingredients, then the way I would know is that I would be able to use very tiny amounts of them and they would be very powerful. That is exactly what we have in my product, The Ageless Secret. We have very tiny amounts of MSM Aloe and trace minerals that are highly energized through vibration. These are gifts that the earth has given us, and in return we are supposed to learn. Now it is our turn to try and give back, to try to help Mother Earth to become more revitalized.


Ageless Secret also boosts the energy in the skin. To prove that the product itself has energy in it is really difficult. What I have done is pour 50 milliliters of distilled water into a volumetric flask and then put in another 50 milliliters of Ageless Secret. Pour that into the water and you will get more than 100 millimeters. What happens is that, say for instance, on 1000 milliliters you would get an extra five milliliters. So it is about one half of a percent [increase], which doesn’t seem like much to the average person. But it is huge because it shows that there is an expansion in the water; the actual structure has been changed. I sent [the results] off to an independent lab that is government certified and they obtained the same results as me, so I have the certification.

We now have a simple way to explain how the Ageless Secret revitalizes the water in the skin. When the Ageless Secret contacts the water in your skin, since you are 70 percent water, it revitalizes that water and restructures it, and now you see the pumping, lifting, toning, tightening, smoothing, and wrinkle reduction as a result of the expansion of the water in upper layers of the skin. Just by itself it works really great because we are energetic beings.

VM: What do you think is in your future?

JK: The Ageless Secret is quite beneficial at many levels because we have within us a natural skin renewal process (NSRP). With NSRP, every 28 days you get new skin on your face, and then through a process called critical mass and cellular recruitment, not one atom, not one molecule will be on your face in six months. The big mystery in biology is, that if it is all new, why are we looking older as we are aging [and] why are we getting older?

Dr. Burr devoted 20 years of research studying the energy field around people, plants, and seeds. What he discovered was that this field was critical to the development of the organism and if you damage the field you damage the organism. He even said that the field was a template to determine how that organism developed. People have not been paying attention to what they are putting on their skin that interferes with this energy field—that is the problem.

I wrote an e-book for whoever wants to download it for free. It’s packed with information from many holistic doctors that I have worked with over time that have been helpful in guiding me into the development of the Ageless Secret. Nutritional and lifestyle choices can make a big difference in a short amount of time for a person’s interior health, such as keeping themselves on the alkaline side [when choosing between eating acidic versus alkaline foods.

The Ageless Secret will produce conditions that will produce a wonderful high level of immediate gratification, but it is the actual renewal of skin that the body does on its own that produces these incredible changes that people see around six months. It is a gift from the creator!

Jim Kaszyk is a chemist and medical researcher who combines Eastern with Western science and technology in an effort to better understand the human body and help people live longer, healthier lives. For more information on The Ageless Secret™, please contact Kaszyk at 760.341.2255 or visit

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