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Dr. Pat Radio Shows with Ageless Secret Jim Kaszyk

Here is a list of 10 radio Interviews Jim did with Dr. Pat. There is some overlap but each show has a different theme and there is unique information in each of them. If you scroll down you can see the play list with titles of the shows. Some have guest doctors. You can listen by clicking on the play button. Each show is packed with valuable tips on how to slow the aging process. If you have questions or want us to send you a copy of a show… contact us or CALL 888-424-4247.

Your Playlist:

01 – “Worry Free Anti-Aging Skin Care”

Jim Kaszyk and Special Guest Dr. Howard Peiper.

02 – “Anti-Aging Skin Care That Lets You Look Like You Have Been Drinking From the Fountain of Youth”

Jim Kaszyk and Special Guest Dr. Jane Jansen.

03 – “Ancient Secrets To Look Forever Young”

Jim Kaszyk and Special Guest Dr. Steven Novil.

04 – “Anti-Aging Skin Care That Naturally Restores Luster and Smoothness To Aging Skin”

Jim Kaszyk and Special Guests Kathleen Bennett and Carol Russo.

05 – “If You Like What The Bleep Do We Know? You Will Love This Show!”

Jim Kaszyk.

06 – “Anti-Aging Results That Can’t Be Achieved With Plastic Surgery”

Jim Kaszyk and Special Guests Anna Liisa and Linda Lubetzky.

07 – “Wrinkles: What Causes Old Wrinkled Skin? The Answer May Surprise You!”

Jim Kaszyk and Special Guest Susan Harmon.

08 – “Sun Damaged Skin… Why Does It Take 20 Years To Show? A New Anti-Aging Concept Discovered”

Jim Kaszyk and Special Guest Paula Kaszyk.

09 – “Is Age Reversal Now Possible?” – A Harvard University Study Proved It.

Jim Kaszyk

10 – “Nutrition That Makes You Look Years Younger”

Jim Kaszyk and Special Guset Dr. Steven Gundry

11- Special – Advanced Living

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