New Science Discovery

As seen in the peer reviewed scientific journal, WATER…  Here are some key phrases from this 10 page report detailing that Ageless Secret has been infused with ENERGY and this Energy can structure water.  Two things that are major scientific breakthroughs…  Click here to view the published report

“Kaszyk created a process using proprietary catalytic towers that work energetically to interact with matter when it is coupled with the subtle energy field.  The result is Kaszyk, unknowingly concentrated a new form of subtle energy…”

“At this point we realized that the Kaszyk treatment process does significantly affect our sealed control waters…”

“Kaszyk’s commercial product, Sun Lovers Mist (SLM), is Arrowhead Spring Water after Kaszyk’s proprietary treatment has been performed.”

“… Sun Lovers Mist was sprayed onto the side of the sample cell.  The sprayed fluid tightly coated the wall and drained down the side of the cell…  The fluid had a visual appearance that was unusual.  Its viscosity when it runs down the walls appeared greater than normal water, almost oily.”

“The absorbance values for the sprayed sample are higher over the whole wavelength range…”

“Some kind of extraordinary water structure has been revealed in the bulk water treated remotely using subtle energy…”

“It (the spray experiment) has led us to consider additional experiments to show that the Subtle Energy in the sample causes the formation of a new kind of droplet…”

Prior to Kaszyk’s bottling the elusive energy, researchers who were trying to prove that Subtle Energy existed used the human body to generate it or test for it.  This always led to frustration because critics would say how can you tell your results are not wishful thinking or due to the placebo effect?

Kaszyk and the co-authors Walter E. Dibble, PhD and William A. Tiller, PhD discovered a way to indirectly measure the new organizing energy independent of humans.    Finally, after more than 40 years of scientists trying to prove Organizing Energy is real, science now has a way to conclusively prove the existence of it and measure it.

The reason why the new discovery was published in the journal “Water” is that the new energy has the amazing ability to structure water.  This structuring occurs because the new energy is an organizing energy. This is important because this organizing energy creates the same kind of water, which Gerald Pollack, PhD of the University of WA and author of “The Fourth Phase of Water” says is in the human body.  In the body, Kaszyk has shown that Life Energy, also called Chi or Subtle Energy, is the organizing energy that creates this type of water in us.  Now we have a new organizing energy that mimics Life Energy.  An organizing energy is also an Anti-Aging Energy and has tremendous implications for health and beauty.

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