Mysteries of Anti-Aging Revealed

The Big Mystery

The big mystery in Biology has always been, with your NSRP being so powerful… why can’t we stay young looking

Raising The Frequency

Why is raising your vibration important?

Mind Body Connection

They can’t detect it, but modern conventional medicine admits there is some kind of energy intelligence that is orchestrating the billions of processes occurring every second in our bodies.  They know it is there.  When it leaves we die.  But why can’t we detect it?

Kaszyk-Einstein Theory of Aging

A New Energetic Theory Why NSRP Does Not Work Like It Should

If the skin on your face is NOT looking younger every 28 days, that can be a sign that you are not supporting your programmer because your NSRP is not working like it did when you were young.

It just “pops up” from no where?

Indeed, Dr. Harold Burr of Yale, determined by electrical measurements more than 50 years ago that in a developing organism there is a PRIMARY ELECTRICAL FIELD that exists before any electrical systems are formed.  Through more than 20 years of research he proved this Primary electrical field had a correlation with growth and development.  He also proved it surrounded and penetrated every cell.  THIS MEANS YOUR SKIN HAS ENERGY.  If you are using skin care products that do NOT support your skin’s energy you are making it very difficult for your skin to renew.

According to Albert Einstein, as we get near the speed of light TIME SLOWS DOWN.  This new theory of aging says that if your programmer is vibrating at or near the speed of light, you age more slowly.  When your programmer is not, because of something we put on our skin or ingested that lowered our vibration, we age more rapidly because as the programmer is made to slow down, your biological clock moves faster.  This can explain why stress causes accelerated aging.

Look Younger – Support Your Energy Field

Now we have a clearer picture.  We have a special kind of energy that is vibrating at speeds near the speed of light and it has an electrical component that Dr. Burr measured and it seems to have some connection to our NSRP.


Our Client Success Stories



These clients have smoother, tighter skin and beautiful glow.  The results from these photos show the reason that every client in the PBS video look amazing for their age is NOT that they have great genes….but instead it is because their NSRP has been supported.


As Seen On PBS

In 2009 PBS TV in Los Angeles did a Special Report on The Ageless Secret


The Best Ingredients for The Best Results

The Ageless Secret is made using the best ingredients people take to fight aging.

  • MSM – a bio sulfur that improves cell flexibility and relieve pain from arthritis.
  • Aloe – wonderful to help with healing.
  • Trace Minerals – promote cellular communication

Then we use the energy of the following to fortify and enhance the activity of MSM, Aloe and Minerals (Raise their vibration)

  • Niacin – Increases circulation
  • Immortelle, (also called Helichrysum) – an essential oil with anecdotal reports of eyesight and hearing improving
  • Cayenne Pepper – Increases circulation
  • Ho Shou Wu – taken for centuries by Chinese to reverse aging*

* The legend of Ho Shou Wu says that in 813 AD a man named Ho was in his fifties and  suffering from impotence and premature aging.  When he regularly took the herb he was transformed.  His hair which was gray turned black.  He lived to age 130.  He had more energy and vitality and fathered many children.


Try It Now – RISK FREE!!!

You Can Look Younger Now…


We Guarantee It!

Hello and welcome to the Ageless Secret. We’re Paula and Jim Kaszyk, the inventors of the Ageless Secret. We want you to experience younger looking skin Today! That is why we’re offering a FULL UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE when you try the Ageless Secret Gold.

That’s how certain we are that you will love our Ageless Secret Gold formula. You can look younger after only one treatment.


Skin Elasticity

The Ageless Secret Immediately Improves Skin Elasticity

You may know that Collagen gives skin its suppleness.  But there is more to it than that.  Collagen is bathed in water.  As we get older our Collagen no longer works like it did.  We are drinking water but it is not hydrating us like it did when we were young and our skin begins to wrinkle and sag. To work properly your skin MUST be properly hydrated.  The Ageless Secret helps your skin look younger by beautifully hydrating it.



The Science

The Science Behind The Ageless Secret

If you read this far you are probably interested in the science behind The Ageless Secret. There are 10 radio shows I did with Dr. Pat Baclli. You can listen to them or make a copy to listen to in your car or on your Ipod.  Each show has different information.  There is some overlap.  They can be listened to in any order, but they build on one another. To listen to a show, on the home page, click on Radio Shows.  If you click on The Big Green Button you can make a copy.  If you click on Play the show plays immediately.

The first radio interview is “Worry Free Skin Care”. It features me and guest, Dr. Howard Peiper.  Dr. Peiper is a well known nutritional and holistic author and has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.  We reveal that many commercial skin care companies in their quest to make inexpensive products with a long shelf life use ingredients that can be harmful.  Of course, these lower your vibration and do NOT support your NSRP.  If you have looked at the preceding information, you now know that the hidden secret to looking younger is to support your NSRP.  The Ageless Secret lets you have that beautiful smoother tighter skin you are wishing for and more because it supports your NSRP!

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