Kaszyk-Einstein Theory of Aging

A New Energetic Theory Why NSRP Does Not Work Like It Should

If the skin on your face is NOT looking younger every 28 days, that can be a sign that you are not supporting your programmer because your NSRP is not working like it did when you were young.

It just “pops up” from no where?

Indeed, Dr. Harold Burr of Yale, determined by electrical measurements more than 50 years ago that in a developing organism there is a PRIMARY ELECTRICAL FIELD that exists before any electrical systems are formed.  Through more than 20 years of research he proved this Primary electrical field had a correlation with growth and development.  He also proved it surrounded and penetrated every cell.  THIS MEANS YOUR SKIN HAS ENERGY.  If you are using skin care products that do NOT support your skin’s energy you are making it very difficult for your skin to renew.

According to Albert Einstein, as we get near the speed of light TIME SLOWS DOWN.  This new theory of aging says that if your programmer is vibrating at or near the speed of light, you age more slowly.  When your programmer is not, because of something we put on our skin or ingested that lowered our vibration, we age more rapidly because as the programmer is made to slow down, your biological clock moves faster.  This can explain why stress causes accelerated aging.

The Ageless Secret