The Best Ingredients for The Best Results

The Ageless Secret is made using the best ingredients people take to fight aging.

  • MSM – a bio sulfur that improves cell flexibility and relieve pain from arthritis.
  • Aloe – wonderful to help with healing.
  • Trace Minerals – promote cellular communication

Then we use the energy of the following to fortify and enhance the activity of MSM, Aloe and Minerals (Raise their vibration)

  • Niacin – Increases circulation
  • Immortelle, (also called Helichrysum) – an essential oil with anecdotal reports of eyesight and hearing improving
  • Cayenne Pepper – Increases circulation
  • Ho Shou Wu – taken for centuries by Chinese to reverse aging*

* The legend of Ho Shou Wu says that in 813 AD a man named Ho was in his fifties and  suffering from impotence and premature aging.  When he regularly took the herb he was transformed.  His hair which was gray turned black.  He lived to age 130.  He had more energy and vitality and fathered many children.


The Ageless Secret