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The Science Behind The Ageless Secret

If you read this far you are probably interested in the science behind The Ageless Secret. There are 10 radio shows I did with Dr. Pat Baclli. You can listen to them or make a copy to listen to in your car or on your Ipod.  Each show has different information.  There is some overlap.  They can be listened to in any order, but they build on one another. To listen to a show, on the home page, click on Radio Shows.  If you click on The Big Green Button you can make a copy.  If you click on Play the show plays immediately.

The first radio interview is “Worry Free Skin Care”. It features me and guest, Dr. Howard Peiper.  Dr. Peiper is a well known nutritional and holistic author and has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.  We reveal that many commercial skin care companies in their quest to make inexpensive products with a long shelf life use ingredients that can be harmful.  Of course, these lower your vibration and do NOT support your NSRP.  If you have looked at the preceding information, you now know that the hidden secret to looking younger is to support your NSRP.  The Ageless Secret lets you have that beautiful smoother tighter skin you are wishing for and more because it supports your NSRP!

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