Sun Lovers Mist Multi-Pack

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Sun Lovers Mist Multi-Pack


For the Bold, the Daring and the Carefree who want to Tan Naked or almost Naked.  Chemical free. Water based. Helps prevent cracking and dehydration of skin from too much sun. Great around eyes and lips.  No taste. Does not burn eyes. 

Protects Against Accelerated Aging from the Sun

  • Safe to use around eyes and on lips
  • Contains SENEW Water™, Subtle Energy Nucleated Emulsified Water
  • Leaves Skin Feeling Silky Smooth without feeling greasy
  • Refreshing. Safe for all ages and skin types.
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Product Description

Now You Can Enjoy the Sun More!

Some well-known celebrity physicians such as Dr. Oz and Dr. Mercola recommend 10-15 minutes of sun with NO sun block to allow your skin to produce Vitamin D. Exposure to sun with no protection can lead to accelerated aging of the skin.  The Ageless Secret Sun Lovers Mist™ does NOT block Vitamin D production and its unique technology helps protect your skin against accelerated aging from the sun. Learn more about Dr. Mercola’s recommendations regarding the healthy benefits of the sun.

Affordable Protection Against Aging Skin

Some sun screen products have UV C protection and some leading brands do not. Because Ageless Secret Sun Lovers Mist™ is so affordable and clean feeling, it is good to use it by itself or along with sun screens for added protection against accelerated aging of the skin.

Ageless Secret Sun Lovers Mist™ absorbs UV in the range of 237 – 277nm, which is UV C. Because Ageless Secret Sun Lovers Mist™ absorbs UV C, it can give you added protection against accelerated aging of your skin. (It does not absorb UV B and is therefore not marketed as a Sun Block product.)

These results and findings have been tested, verified and certified by a 3rd party independent testing laboratory, Adamson Analytical Laboratories, Inc. FDA Registration #203073. Analysis Test UV (220-350nm) via UV Scan Method.

UV Absorbance Graph:

Scan “blanked” against Plain Water. Plain Water would normally show no peaks!

These peaks indicate the water has developed some kind of “structure” a peak at 270 nm is associated with ring-like structures. These changes to water occurred only because the water was infused with Subtle Energy. Subtle Energy is usually considered to be a spiritual energy, such as Chi. These results show there are non-spiritual Subtle Energies too. They are non-electromagnetic, are not easy to detect, and are therefore called subtle. The Subtle Energy we infuse into water is so powerful it can change the properties of water in ways that have never been seen before and create Subtle Energy Nucleated Emulsified Water, or SENEW Water™. When tested with an instrument used to measure haziness due to suspended particles in water, using NTU units, William A. Tiller Laboratories, a 3rd party, independent laboratory, specializing in Subtle Energy, found it to be 6 times greater than plain water. Because skin has some oil in it, plain water does not wet out skin well. SENEW Water™ is water that acts like it has a light, beautiful oil thoroughly blended into it. It absorbs UV C, feels slippery and it easily wets out skin.

This water is “wrapped around” MSM, Aloe and Minerals as part of the creation of making Ageless Secret™ GOLD. We promise Ageless SecretTM GOLD lifts, plumps and tightens skin better than any other product or your money back!

Instructions for use:
Simple. Spray and go. If using a sunscreen, apply before. Results in the sun vary from person to person. We recommend this test: Try The Ageless Secret Sun Lovers Mist™ on one forearm without sunscreen, and use it repeatedly when out in the sun to keep your skin properly hydrated. Then you will know how well it works to help your skin stay soft and supple, even in the sun. Since it does not block Vitamin D production you may get a nice tan too!

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