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Happy water is the structured water you have in you in great abundance when you are young. This kind of water occurs naturally in some remote mountainous regions. Most of us did not drink structured water as children. We drank unorganized tap water, yet somehow our skin created it.

When we were young our skin looked great and our skin elasticity was fantastic. We know that collagen and elastin give skin its suppleness. According to structured water, collagen and elastin are bathed in structured water like your DNA.

Stress can be emotional, chemical or environmental. It is believed that stress destroys structured water and that is why we lose it as we age. However, my own research and the fact that we had a great abundance of it in us when we were young, even though we did not drink it, shows it is more correct to say that stress destroys your skin’s ability to create structured water. The first signs we are losing this ability to create structured water (getting old) is our skin begins to wrinkle and sag. This is the true cause of wrinkled old-looking skin!

Electricity and magnetism can create structured water. Did you know your skin is “electrical,” producing electricity constantly? Since your skin is electrical it seems that it is the ability of your skin to produce this electricity, which greatly determines how well your body supports the formation of Happy Water within it. Research I have done proves that by boosting the energy in the skin and hydrating it at the same time, skin elasticity can be
greatly increased. Want to know how to easily have skin that looks like it never ages? Ask Me.

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