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The sun is good for you, but too much or the wrong kind of sun exposure can be bad for you. The damage comes if you don’t have enough minerals in your blood, don’t move around, and get too much exposure at peak times. Every person is different and some can tolerate more sun than others. However, there is a supplement that you can take which
may help minimize damage from the sun. That supplement is MSM. MSM works by making cell membranes more flexible. Since over exposure to the sun tends to decrease cell membrane flexibility, taking MSM can help.

Here is an important to fact to remember from Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Alex Carrel; staying young is all about creating conditions in your body that will allow your cells to receive all the nutrients and oxygen they need. Dr. Carrel won the Nobel Prize for proving scientifically that if your body could get all the nutrients and oxygen it needed, it would never die!

If your skin becomes leathery and sun damaged it will age faster because the cells are less flexible and can no longer receive nutrients easily. MSM is very safe. It is an organic sulfur molecule that is in every cell in your body. It is impossible to be allergic to MSM. It is very water soluble and safer than common table salt. You can easily take 6 to 8 grams per day. However, you should start with 1 gram per day for a week then gradually build up. The reason for this is not that MSM has side effects, but instead MSM can help your body flush toxins out, and, if you go too fast, you may not feel too good from the extra burden your body has to deal with. While MSM is not a cure for arthritis, many people take it to help improve joint flexibility and relieve pain. Take MSM to help improve your skin flexibility and help protect against sun damaged skin.

As a followup to our post on Happy Water, we wanted to share this video with you about structured water.

Structured water is most beneficial to our health. Structured, hexagonal water acts as a powerful anti-oxidant, capable of destroying vast numbers of excess free radicals which can accumulate in our bodies and a wide variety of additional tasks that water in its basic, H2O format, cannot do.

This is one of the reasons Ageless Secret works so well!


What is happy water? Happy water is the kind of water we have in us when we are young.

This is a Jim Kaszyk theory and it is based on the concept of structured water. Structured water is described as organized water.

water1.1-300x200So how does that benefit you? An easy way to understand how this works is to compare the difference between quartz and sand. Both are chemically the same, but quartz is highly structured allowing it to amplify electrical signals. Sand is randomly structured and it does not amplify electrical signals. According to the structured water theory of aging, when we are young we have high amounts of structured water. As we age the amount declines until we can no longer live.

Also according to this theory your DNA is bathed in this kind of water and stress destroys structured water. So, it may be that by having happy thoughts you help to keep your structured water, the water of your youth, intact so your DNA can function best. But, the bigger question here is where does this structured water of youth come from and why do we lose it?

Today we are revealing more tips to looking and feeling good.

Consider using a topical product to compensate for the effects of aging – “The newest most amazing treatment in my arsenal is Ageless Secret,” says Dr. Johnson. “It’s an all-natural, invisible solution that can be sprayed onto the skin to improve elasticity. My clients absolutely love it. One of my front office staff has been using Ageless Secret for about four months and is already looking five to 10 years younger. Because it’s invisible, it can be used any time, any place – even while at work. I would not have believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes.”


Don’t smoke – “There’s just no good reason to do it,” says Dr. Johnson.

Go ahead and have that glass of wine – Alcohol in moderation can have a pleasant, relaxing effect. But Dr. Johnson cautions, “Excessive alcohol causes the pendulum to swing the opposite way by increasing stress on the body.”

Enjoy the sun – “We’ve been brainwashed to avoid all sun,” Dr. Johnson explains. “We now know that’s not correct. We need a moderate amount of sunlight every day. But certainly avoid excessive sun exposure.”

Get enough sleep – Sleep enables our bodies to rebuild, repair and rejuvenate. Dr. Johnson says 7-1/2 hours is a minimum for most people. But some may need as many as nine hours to feel refreshed.

Take a top quality, high potency multi-vitamin without iron.

Fix any hormone imbalances/deficiencies – “Thyroid is one of the most common and important ones to pay close attention to.”

And lastly, Dr. Johnson suggests that everyone try to maintain a positive attitude, — “This is huge!” he says. “When you are negative, hostile or angry, you’re adding internal stress to any external stress your body is enduring. So you’re compounding your stress problem.”
The Ageless Secret™, available in Original and Gold Formulas, is currently sold online at www.agelesssecret.com and at a limited number of health food stores.

Medical doctor and longevity expert shares his tips for feeling and looking younger

runnerWhen you got up this morning, did your energy level and appearance more closely match your children or your grandparents? Maybe it’s finally time to stop procrastinating and start living a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Daniel L. Johnson, M.D., founder and medical director of the Desert Longevity Institute in Palm Desert, California, says everyone needs a plan for naturally maintaining their youthful looks and stamina.

Exercise, good nutrition, and reducing stress top Dr. Johnson’s recommendations for anti-aging.

Below is his handy, clock-slowing checklist:

Try for 30 minutes of exercise daily – As a way to improve fitness and decrease stress, exercise offers a double bonus. What you do doesn’t matter as much as if you enjoy it. “If someone is forced to lift weights, it can add stress to their lives because they hate it,” says Dr. Johnson. “One exercise that yields the maximum benefit for the least amount of effort is rebounding – jumping up and down on a little trampoline.” And remember, exercise should make you feel better. If all exercises, even gentle ones, make you feel worse, Dr. Johnson suggests consulting a holistic doctor for adrenal testing.

Avoid stressing your body with poor nutrition – “When you eat sugar, starches and highly processed foods, your blood sugars go up dramatically. That’s a real stress your body must deal with,” explains Dr. Johnson. Replace sugary, processed foods with fruits and vegetables. Get plenty of fiber. And contrary to popular belief, you should get plenty of healthy, natural fats such as extra virgin olive oil and the fats found in coconuts, avocados, egg yolks, fish and nuts.

De-stress at your desk – It may be no great revelation, but Dr. Johnson says taking a mini-vacation in your mind’s eye is very effective. “Close your eyes, take slow breaths and imagine yourself in a pleasant situation,” he advises.

Stop back soon as we reveal more tips on feeling and looking younger.

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