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The sun is good for you, but too much or the wrong kind of sun exposure can be bad for you. The damage comes if you don’t have enough minerals in your blood, don’t move around, and get too much exposure at peak times. Every person is different and some can tolerate more sun than others. However, there is a supplement that you can take which
may help minimize damage from the sun. That supplement is MSM. MSM works by making cell membranes more flexible. Since over exposure to the sun tends to decrease cell membrane flexibility, taking MSM can help.

Here is an important to fact to remember from Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Alex Carrel; staying young is all about creating conditions in your body that will allow your cells to receive all the nutrients and oxygen they need. Dr. Carrel won the Nobel Prize for proving scientifically that if your body could get all the nutrients and oxygen it needed, it would never die!

If your skin becomes leathery and sun damaged it will age faster because the cells are less flexible and can no longer receive nutrients easily. MSM is very safe. It is an organic sulfur molecule that is in every cell in your body. It is impossible to be allergic to MSM. It is very water soluble and safer than common table salt. You can easily take 6 to 8 grams per day. However, you should start with 1 gram per day for a week then gradually build up. The reason for this is not that MSM has side effects, but instead MSM can help your body flush toxins out, and, if you go too fast, you may not feel too good from the extra burden your body has to deal with. While MSM is not a cure for arthritis, many people take it to help improve joint flexibility and relieve pain. Take MSM to help improve your skin flexibility and help protect against sun damaged skin.

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