7 – Important Questions

What is it?

The Ageless Secret™ is an all natural, Energetic Cosmetic™ hydrating skin energizing and tightening  spray.

What does The Ageless Secret™ do?

The Ageless SecretTM boosts Life Force Energy and works in 5 ways to lift, plump and tighten skin…

  1. Works by itself on skin.
  2. Works under or over make-up.
  3. Increases effectiveness of your favorite skin care product.
  4. Safely and dramatically enhances results with MicroCurrent and other skin energy devices.
  5. Ageless SecretTM GOLD lets you create a Life Force Energized drink that helps boost results from within.

The Ageless Secret™ lifts, firms, tones and hydrates like a beauty mask.  The Ageless SecretTM GOLD allows you to do something no other beauty product can do.  It allows you to look younger as you get older because it has a special energy that lets you improve how you look from the outside and the INSIDE!

What problems will The Ageless Secret™ solve?

The Ageless Secret is a low cost alternative to expensive facial procedures.  NO Pain.  NO Down Time. NO Dangerous Side Effects.

The Life Force Boosting Energy helps to make you look younger.  You get new skin every 28 days, and every year 98% of your atoms (YOU) are replaced, but skin wrinkles and sags as we get older. Some doctors, such as Dr. Perricone and Dr. Degray claim that waste products build up in our cells over time making skin look older. Both doctors also say that these waste products are very difficult to remove. That means that if your body is 98% new every year and it looks older then it has been re-creating the waste products as part of your skin!

Children’s atoms are replaced every year and they look young. Why are their bodies not re- creating the waste products when their atoms are replaced like adults do? One reason could be they can flush them away better than adults can so they are not there. This may seem a little strange to you, and most adults have lost this ability, but children under the age of 10 can hold a glass of water with both hands and their Life Force is so powerful it can pass through the glass into the water making the water taste very soft and smooth.

So every time children drink water their Life Force changes it to this powerful water that deeply hydrates them better than plain water, eventually getting to their skin where we see it as youthful looking skin. As we age, this anti-aging energy weakens and the water we drink no longer wets out our cells like when we were young and, we can no longer flush out the waste from our skin and the first signs are sagging skin and wrinkles.

Applying 3 sprays of The Ageless SecretTM GOLD to your hands will allow you to boost your Life Force so you can create an “energy of youth” that will pass through the glass into the water. This Life Force Energized water tastes very soft and smooth and when you drink it, it deeply hydrates you like when you young helping you to flush out waste from your skin like when you were young.

How You Can Tell It Is Working: The energized water will feel softer or “rounder” in your mouth. You can also tell it is working by your urine. It will have a stronger smell because the energized water will be helping to flush out waste. Eventually you will see tighter, younger looking skin.

Some cosmetic surgeons say that skin stem cell therapy for older adults just creates more “old” stem cells.  Some researchers say it is as if stem cells in adults don’t have the same vitality as those in children  Skin stem cells are bathed in water.  We have discovered that young children have a special energy that allows them to hydrate and energize their cells, and adults do not.  The Ageless Secret GOLD has a special energy that may help adults hydrate and re-vitalize their skin stem cells, like when they were young.

None of this information is intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease and is intended only to enhance the appearance of skin.

Are The Results Temporary?

Your body is constantly renewing and that includes your skin.  Every day old cells die off and are replaced with new ones.  It is our job to make those new skin cells look the very best we can. With regular daily use you will see your skin’s appearance improve. This is amazing because The Ageless Secret produces a temporary skin tightening and improvement in skin elasticity, but it gets better with time because you are constantly making new skin cells.  For example, you get new skin on your hands every 24 hours.  You get new skin on your face every 28 days.  Then in 6 months through a miraculous process known as critical mass and cellular recruitment not one atom or molecule that is there now will  be there.  You will have all new skin cells on your face. The Ageless Secret supports your built-in skin renewa and skin stem cells are part of that renewal process.  As you can see, skin comes from within, so you should be helping your body make those cells the best they can be. That is why we have nutritional and lifestyle choices you can learn about FREE in our FREE eBook.

What are the ingredients?

The Ageless Secret™ is made with purified water and special ingredients that we make. We start with Trace Minerals, Aloe, and MSM. Then we put them through a special trade secret process that enhances their potency so we can use very tiny amounts. This allows us to make a product that has no objectionable residue or odor.

MSM, which occurs naturally in rainwater, is a rich source of organic sulfur. The body uses sulfur to continually create new healthy cells to replace old ones. Many people use large amounts of MSM daily as a health-promoting food supplement. Aloe is known for its medicinal properties, including the ability to soothe burns. Trace minerals are thought to be catalysts essential to promoting essential electrochemical functions in healthy cells. Ours are derived from all-natural ingredients.

What do you mean by special ingredients?

The ingredients have been catalyzed with Niacin, Cayenne Pepper, Ho Shou Wu and Helichrysum. A catalyst is a substance that is used to add energy to make a chemical reaction go faster. We use the technology to add energy to our ingredients. The catalyst is not used up in the reaction and does not become part of the final product. So, none of these substances are present in the finished formula.

The Niacin, Cayenne Pepper, Ho Shou Wu and Helichrysum are present in very small amounts.  Because all matter is more than 90% energy, this process was developed to interact with the energy portion of  the ingredients. Catalyst chemistry makes possible many chemical marvels, and is as close as modern science gets to the ancient practice of alchemy.

Is it safe?

The product is so pure and safe you could drink it. Many doctors sell it and endorse it

How is The Ageless Secret™ different from similar products?

It is not stinky, sticky or oily. It is a fine mist that can be used under or over make up with no mess. It does not burn or sting eyes. The Ageless Seceret™ is the only skin lifting, toning and hydrating product that can be comfortably used all day. When used all day its combined lifting, toning and skin hydrating effects are greater than the aging effects due to gravity and people look younger.  The Ageless Secret GOLD is so powerful we offer a 6 months guarantee.  The Ageless Secret GOLD has a special energy that lets you look younger from the outside and the INSIDE at the same time.  No other beauty product lets you do that.

Where can I buy it?

It is sold in select health food stores, doctor’s clinics, skin care specialists, on line, and at our Southern California Offices.

Is it a good value?

Yes. It is a tremendous value. Its benefits have never been available before with any one method or product. Plastic surgery costs thousands of dollars more and involves pain and recovery time. Plastic surgery can reposition tissue, but it does not improve skin quality. The Ageless Secret™ can enhance the results of plastic surgery or any other spa procedure such as Thermage or IPL, all of which have medical risks and cost more.  The Ageless Secret GOLD is a tremendous value because it works great on the surface of the skin, and when you use it to self energize the water you drink it helps you hydrate better.  No product at any price can deliver that combination of benefits.

What is the difference between The GOLD, the Original and the Diamond?

The Ageless Secret GOLD is 7 times more potent than the Original, and the GOLD is 3 times more potent than the Diamond.

Generally, the older a person is, and the more they have abused their skin, the more they need to use the GOLD. The GOLD costs less than $2.70 per day and it produces the fastest results. The GOLD has also been shown to have a special benefit.  It is so powerful it can change the properties of water without being in direct contact with the water.

How do I use it?

Nothing is easier. Just spray it on your skin anytime of the day, even over make-up.

In number 8 you will discover some great absolutely free reports.

The Ageless Secret