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“Is Your Moisturizer Killing You?”

drpeiperCancer is on the rise.  Avoiding things linked to cancer like smoking is a good idea.  But did you know that commercial skin care manufacturers in a quest to improve profits and extend shelf life use ingredients that are known to cause cancer? Since what you put on your skin can get into your blood it is important  to avoid the extra risk these products may cause you.  Take a look at this FREE Report to learn about them and much more!

Written by Dr. Peiper

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Does Your “Energy Bank” Hold the secret to be Ageless?

Nobody knows for sure why the aging process begins.  There are several theories covered in this fast moving FREE Report and many new insights involving the concept of Energy and Aging.  If you have gone through The Learning Center and visited all 7 pages and read this FREE Report you now have a great understanding of the impact of Energy on Skin Tightening and why it may possible to live better and longer!.

Written by Jim Kaszk

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Be Happy

We cannot control everything that happens to us, but we can conrtol our thoughts.  For example… two people are on a roller coaster ride sitting side by side.  The one who enjoys the ride will make chemicals that could help reverse aging.  The one who is fearful will age faster. Learn why this happens and you can be your way to living  better and longer!

Written by Jim Kaszk

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